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How To Use Android IPTV Player on Windows

If you are an experienced game player, you will not be unfamiliar with the Blue Stack emulator. When you want to play mobile games on your computer, you will use the Blue Stack emulator.That’s right, the Blue Stack emulator is a windows application, through which you will be able to download and install and run the android APP on the windows OS computer.

Due to the open source features of the Android system, engineers can easily develop powerful IPTV players on the Android system, while windows are not so friendly. Although there are some IPTV players for the current Windows OS, the functional experience is not so good. Can’t achieve the effect of Android IPTV player. Some users will ask if I want to use android IPTV player on windows, can I do it? The answer is yes. This article will tell you how to use Android player on windows.

Open the Blue Stack official website

Open the Blue Stack official website, the download link will appear on the home page, download the latest version directly, after the download is complete, just install it directly.

iptv player blue stack

Run the bluestack simulator

After the installation is complete, run the BlueStacks emulator, there will be a similar Android UI with Google browser and Google Play icons.You can think of it as an android tv box.

Download Android IPTV Player APK

Open the chrome browser in the bluestack emulator, then enter the download URL of the Android IPTV player, and click download.

install android iptv player

Enjoy wonderful iptv service

Open the APP and enter the user name and password, you can enjoy the wonderful IPTV service.

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