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How to use IPTV on Apple TV 2021

The best player to use IPTV on Apple TV is IPTV Smarter Pro. Let’s take IPTV Smarter Pro as an example to explain how IPTV is used on Apple TV.

IPTV Smarter Pro is available on the App Store, you just need to open the app store and search for IPTV-Smarters Player and click to install. This is the IPTV player you have on your device now. All you have to do is connect to your IPTV provider Provided account information.

How to set up IPTV Smarters Pro with IPTV Subscription on Apple TV?

IPTV Smarters Player application makes connecting to your IPTV provider a simple task. You can follow the steps below to successfully connect to your IPTV provider.

If you have not subscribed to an IPTV provider, I strongly recommend that you check this guide to learn how to choose the IPTV provider that best suits your needs.How to Buy Best IPTV Subscription 2021?

1. Open the IPTV Smarters player

To start the configuration, search for the applications you only need to install on your Apple TV, with the IPTV Smarters name attached, and click the application icon to open it.

2. Accept the terms of use

If this is your first time using this application, you will see a notification asking you to accept the terms of use before using the player, you just need to click accept.

iptv on Apple TV

3.Connect to IPTV server

After accepting the terms, you will see the login dashboard and you can choose to connect to your IPTV provider using any method you like.

It is recommended that you use the Xtream Codes API because it is faster to update the channel list and EPG.

iptv for apple tv

4.Fill in your account

Most IPTV providers will send you your linked m3u and EPG links, if you don’t see the Xtream code API, don’t worry, because you can easily extract it from the m3u link using this method.

Your provider will provide a link very similar to this one.

  • URL: is the first part:
  • Username: is the XXXXX after ?username=, in your case they will be some random charecters
  • Passwrod: the same as the username the XXXXX part after &password=

Before clicking on add user make sure to double check if you made any typo because if you missed one letter or a number you will not connect to the server.

5.Load Channels

If you enter everything in the correct order, the IPTV player will automatically start downloading channels, which will take 1 to 4 minutes, depending on your connection speed and the number of your programs

iptv for apple

6.Click on Live TV and start watching

After IPTV Smarters finishes downloading the channel, you will be redirected to the application dashboard where you can access the connection, as shown in the picture below, everything is in order, you can access live TV or VOD (series and movies) if you provide The provider allows you to access.

iptv for APPLE

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